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“I want to get a divorce…what do I need to know first?”

Jurisdiction and Venue:  many people do not realize that in order for a Texas court to have jurisdiction and venue over a case the person filing must have been domiciled in Texas for a minimum of six months prior to filing and must have been a resident of the county in which they file the preceding ninety days prior to filing.

What is a domicile and what counts as a residence?  Generally speaking, it is where you have been living…however, there may be some exceptions to that general definition for certain individuals, such as military personnel or college students.  The time period to evaluate for these qualifications are before the filing of the lawsuit.  If you have to move while the case is pending you can generally have the court where you originally filed you action maintain jurisdiction.  So, the primary determination regarding jurisdiction and venue should be made before you file your petition for divorce.

Lori Elaine Laird

Former police officer. Aggressive, experienced trial attorney.


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