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Child Custody & Visitation

Texas Child Custody Attorney

Protecting Your Interests in Child Custody Disputes

If you are facing problems or uncertainties about the security of your relationship with your children, the advice of a knowledgeable lawyer can help you through a child custody dispute related to a divorce or paternity action.  Contact our Houston law firm to learn about the ways you can assert your rights as a parent in a manner that will also advance the best interests of your children.

Texas Law Presumes That Every Child Needs Both Parents

If your child custody case winds up in family court, the judge or jury will render a decision according to the best interests of the child involved-- not the preferences, resentments or convenience of either parent.  Our attorneys get to know you and your situation in detail, and can give you a good idea of the factors the judge will consider in reaching a decision in your child's best interests.

Some presumptions exist in the Texas Family Code

A stable and significant relationship with both parents is presumed by law to be in every child’s best interest, but the law also recognizes that every parent is not always prepared to meet their parental responsibilities. In cases where a parent’s drug abuse, alcoholism, family violence or mental illness might be a factor in child custody decisions, we can advocate forcefully for your position.

Our attorneys work with clients on both sides of high-conflict child custody cases--those with sound reasons for restricting the other parent's access to the children, and parents who will need to convince a court that they've made significant progress on past problems that could call their parental fitness into question.

We advise divorce clients about temporary custody and visitation orders, mediation of parent-child issues, and the negotiation or litigation of contested custody issues.  We also represent people on either side of relocation proposals where the parent with primary physical custody wants to move to another state, another city in Texas or even a foreign country.

No matter what challenges your child custody case is likely to present, you can depend on our lawyers for honest answers, dependable advice and energetic representation in negotiations or in court.  Contact our office at 832.699.1966 in Houston to learn more about our experience with child custody and visitation problems between divorcing or unmarried parents.

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