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Restraining Orders

Sound Advice About Restraining Orders or Protective Orders

Issues of family violence tend to complicate divorce or child custody cases.  A divorce can also be complicated by indications that your spouse is not quite candid in disclosing income of assets.  Our lawyers take the initiative from the earliest stages to assure your interests are protected, even if it requires a court order.  Contact our office to learn how our experience with restraining and protective orders can help you.

Restraining Orders Can Stabilize Your Situation at the Beginning of a Divorce

Texas divorce procedure allows one spouse or the other to apply for a restraining order to cover such issues as transfers of marital property, unusual purchases or investments, changes in insurance coverage and other similar decisions.  This helps prevent a spouse from selling, moving or transferring community assets.  Our lawyers frequently request a restraining order to maintain the status quo at the same time we file the divorce petition and requests for temporary custody and support orders.  By moving quickly to protect your interests, we not only achieve important immediate goals, but we also serve notice that we mean business.

Protective Orders Can Help Resolve Problems with Domestic Violence

Our firm's experience with highly contentious divorce and family law situations means that we can advise you on either side of family violence issues.  While some of our clients have genuine need of protection from abusive spouses or partners, others face unfair accusations that are meant to gain tactical advantages in child custody or spousal support disputes.

We work close with each client to evaluate your need for protection from assault, harassment or stalking.  Our attorneys can also help you prepare a defense to family violence charges, especially when they improperly threaten your interests on a legitimate family law issue.  We're always ready to go to court as necessary to obtain, extend, defend, or modify a family violence protective order as your interests require.

For information about our experience with restraining orders and protective orders contact our office at 832-699-1966 for a confidential consultation.

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