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The Online Attorney™

Online Conferencing with an Attorney
from your location!


We know that your time is as important as ours and it's not always convenient to drive to the office for a face-to-face consultation so we offer The Online Attorney—the ability to video conference with our attorneys from work, from home, from vacation—well, from anywhere.


Using cloud based software we can conduct virtual meetings via computers, tablets and mobile devices.  Users can also send instant messages, exchange files and images, send video messages and create conference calls.  

New clients can schedule an online consultation.  Existing clients can use our service for online meetings eliminating the need to make the drive for an office visit.  

Scheduling an online meeting is easy and only takes a few minutes.  When you schedule your meeting you will receive a short email with instructions on how to connect via Zoom or Skype.

A Powerful Option to Help Manage Your Time

Time Management


We understand your time is important.  Online meetings may be the perfect tool for busy professionals, those with shift work schedules or parents with difficulty finding child care.  Clients can choose times that work best for all parties and are able to conference in from any location.

New clients:

Prospective new clients may schedule an online consultation with one of our attorneys.  Our new client consultation forms are available online and may be completed and submitted prior to your online consult.  We offer initial consultations online for prospective new clients with issues involving Family Law, Criminal Law, Litigation/Trial Issues, Wills & Probate and Appeals.  An initial consultation will average 15-30 minutes.  The attorney will provide an action plan for you and advise you of next steps.  

Existing clients:

 Our current clients may also benefit from our online services.  While email and phone calls will generally suffice to answer most of your questions, you may find online video conferencing to be a nice addition to your meeting/conference times with your attorney.  Simply call or email to set up your appointment time. 



Online Conferencing is a Prudent Precaution Against the Spread of COVID-19




For those who are concerned about exposure to the coronavirus — online meetings can work to your advantage.  



Experts recommend we all engage in social distancing.  These recommendations include that people stay at home as much as possible only leaving when necessary—for essential items such as groceries or medications. 


We take these concerns seriously but realize that our lives, including our legal matters, need to continue.  Online meetings is a WIN-WIN solution. You can move forward with your legal matter AND stay safe while doing so.


Scheduling an online conference is easy and only takes a few minutes.  You will receive a confirmation email with instructions for Zoom or Skype. 

Call or email today to schedule your online mediation.  832.699.1966 or email [email protected]

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