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Public Officials

Bribery & Influence Peddling

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Houston Galveston Defense Lawyer: Bribery and Influence Peddling

Representing Public Officials in Texas

Sometimes being in the public eye doesn't come without consequences.  If you are an elected or appointed official, a civil servant or law enforcement officer, any charges of misconduct can have serious consequences to your reputation, your career and your position in the community.

Experienced defense attorney Lori Elaine Laird knows that the best defense in these types of cases is a good offense. Under her guidance, our team will act swiftly to thoroughly protect your rights and interests throughout any official oppression, misconduct, bribery, influence peddling or abuse of office investigation.  As a former police officer and media relations officer, Lori knows how to provide you media control and counsel during any investigation.  She can also provide you with a strategic, aggressive defense should charges be filed.

If I am a public official or law enforcement officer shouldn't I wait to hire a criminal defense attorney?


You need someone immediately who can protect your rights. More likely than not, there will be an ongoing investigation. Even if you don’t believe you are the target of any investigation it is in your best interest to seek legal advice before answering questions—even about other individuals. What may seem to you to be an effort to assist an investigation- can be turned around and used against YOU. It can be especially surprising and disheartening to some who consider themselves “part of the system”- to become a target of the system.

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As everyone knows, cases involving public officials, civil servants and law enforcement officers are ripe for exploitation by the media.  When you hire the law office of Lori Elaine Laird, you will also get the assistance of an individual trained in media relations.   Lori's past experience for the police department included preparation of daily reports for the media.  She also fielded all questions from the press and conducted television on-camera interviews and on-air radio station interviews.  This experience gives her the unique understanding of the impact of media coverage on your reputation and your case and will be hard at work protecting your interests.

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