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Family Violence Assault

Domestic Violence Cases

With much of our firm's work focused on family law and criminal defense, our attorneys bring considerable skill and insight to the defense of domestic violence charges.  If you face charges of family violence assult, stalking or harassment, you stand to benefit from our experience with the complex dynamics of a domestic violence situation.  Contact our office in Houston for a confidential consultation with a seasoned criminal defense lawyer.

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Provided they involve simple assault and no great bodily harm, a first-offense family violence case is generally charged as misdemeanors under Texas law.  A second offense of family violence assault, however, can be charged as a felony, even if the actual violence was nothing more than incidental contact in a loud argument.  Our job as defense counsel is to work with you and the prosecution to keep the "family violence" tag off a simple assault charge whenever possible.  Otherwise, what appears to be a minor legal problem could cause you serious problems for years to come.

People convicted of domestic assault or other family violence charges, including violation of a family violence protective order, can face severe problems down the road.  You lose your gun rights.  You may have trouble getting a job, renting an apartment, or obtaining a security clearance.  Your name will turn up in the TCIC database any time your license plates are run.  If you work in a licensed profession, such as nursing, teaching or or counseling, you might need to answer disciplinary charges before an ethics board.

Our lawyers know how to look beneath the surface of family violence charges in order to protect both your immediate position and your long-term interests.  We sometimes find that false or exaggerated claims of domestic violence are motivated by the desire to get an unfair advantage in a divorce or child custody proceeding.

We represent people who face domestic violence charges of all kinds--assault, repeat family violence offenses, harassment and protective order violations.  We know how to put charges of domestic violence into a context that presents the facts in their true light.

To learn how our experience with domestic violence issues in both criminal defense and family law contexts can work to your advantage, contact our law firm for a confidential consultation at 832-699-1966.

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