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Child Custody Modification

Modification of Family Court Orders

Life is not static and occasionally our circumstances change.  Perhaps the terms of a divorce decree worked for you at the time of divorce, but for various reasons, it is no longer working.  If you have a significant change in circumstances you may want to seek to modify the terms of your parent-child relationship.  Some examples may include one parent not following the terms of a custody, visitation or child support order, you may need to relocate because of work, there has been a significant change in your income, or maybe you have stopped receiving child support payments.  In these types of cases, you want an attorney who is experienced, who knows the law and will maximize your chances of success in court.

At the Law Office of Lori Elaine Laird, we have represented men and women across the state in these types of proceedings.  Our unique approach of developing individualized action plans for your case combined with our outstanding work ethic and zealous trial advocacy skills has lead our firm to recognized across the state.  You know your case better than anyone else so we seek to have an open dialogue with our clients and keep them involved throughout the process.

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Sometimes change is what you need.  It is one thing to get what you need in a child support or custody order, and another thing to make sure that your interests are protected over time.  If you need legal advice about the effects of defaults or changed circumstances, learn about the enforcement or modification options that might be available to you.  Contact the law firm of Lori Elaine Laird in Houston to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney.

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The Texas Family Code recognizes that a substantial change in circumstances--loss of a job, health problems, unexpected needs--can justify modification of court-ordered child support, custody or visitation arrangements.  Whether you're the parent proposing a change or the one asked to accommodate it, we can advise you about the merits of your position and the best ways to protect your interests.

One issue that has emerged as a difficult modification question in recent years concerns the proposed relocation of the primary custodial parent with the child to another state or city.  The divorce decree or custody order will likely require both parents to remain within the metroplex, but the pull of better job opportunities elsewhere or ailing elderly parents can make relocation tempting.  While a court won't usually let a relocating parent take the child along, our attorneys can help you understand the legal nuances of your child custody situation and advise you accordingly.

What type of life events will the court consider in my requested modification?

The modification of child custody and visitation orders are still evaluated under the “best interest” of the child standard. Some factors the court may consider in determining whether to modify custody and visitation orders include (1) a negative change in the lifestyle of a parent, (2) inaccessibility of a parent, such as imprisonment or an extended stay at a drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility, (3) a child (12) years of age or older exercising expressing their preference regarding which parent to live with, (4) a lack of stability in the home of one of the parents, or (5) a parent’s consistent inability to act in the “best interest” of the children.


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