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High Asset Divorce

High-Asset Divorce

A high net worth divorce presents unique problems for the client and the divorce attorney. Our experienced Houston divorce lawyers often work with clients who are business owners, doctors, attorneys, or professionals who may have complex marital estates to divide. Proper valuation of assets in these types of cases can be complex but our experienced lawyers can guide you through the process.

Experienced Houston Divorce Attorney Handling Complex Marital Estates and High Net Worth Cases

Texas is a community property state meaning that the presumption exists that all property of the marriage belongs to the community estate and is subject to a just and right division by the court.  Individuals may lose their rights to separate property if they do not have a knowledgeable, experienced divorce attorney at their side. Proving that property is separate property (and not subject to division as part of the community estate) requires proper pleadings and proof to establish the characterization of the property. The burden of proving separate property falls on the person making the claim that the property in question is separate and not community property.

Dividing the property in the marital estate may become particularly complicated when separate and community assets are commingled and require tracing pursuant to the rules of Texas law. In particularly complex cases, financial experts—including accountants, financial planners or CPA's—may be necessary. There is no substitute for an experienced divorce attorney dedicated to protecting your assets who will work hard to obtain the best result regarding the division of your martial estate.

Martial Assets

Often in the emotional turmoil of a divorce, individuals forget about assets that are high value, for example, pieces of art, jewelry, pen and coin collections, and/or collections of fine wine or liquor.  Our attorneys will work closely with you to assure that you compile a complete inventory of high value items.  We are also experienced at finding hidden assets that a spouse may fail to disclosure.

We work closely with clients carefully evaluating your needs when dividing businesses, commercial real estate, stock portfolios, patents and other intellectual properties, oil and mineral rights, pension plans, bonuses and other high value assets.  If you have a high net worth divorce case, call us today for a confidential consultation at 832-699-1966.  We have experience you can trust.  We will walk you through Texas law and explain your options—always working in a manner that maximizes your results and protects your interests.

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