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The Online Mediator™

Bring a Mediator to your Conference Room
or your Living Room!

Remote Conference


We know that your time is as important as ours and it is not always convenient to drive to the office for a face-to-face mediation so we offer The Online Mediator™—the ability to conduct mediation via video conference with our mediators from work, home, vacation — well, from anywhere!




What is Online or Virtual Mediation?


Online mediation is a process by which parties can settle their cases via alternative dispute resolution methods without appearing in person.  Mediations are conducted through a cloud-based platform easily accessible through the internet.


Document submission is also facilitated via an encrypted cloud-based platform.  As with your familiar mediation procedures, the mediator is a neutral third party who will attempt to facilitate an agreement between the parties.  No party is ever forced to enter into an agreement rather the mediator seeks to find a mutually beneficial agreement that meets with the satisfaction of all parties—all from the comfort of your home or office.  




A Powerful Option to Help Manage Your Time

Time Management


We understand your time is important.  Online mediation is the perfect tool for the busy professional.  Participants can choose times that work best for all parties and are able to conference in from any location. Often times, parties involved in mediation have difficulty scheduling times and/or have mandatory mediation requirements prior to hearing or trial dates.  Online mediation offers you more flexibility in scheduling and can help you satisfy those deadline requirements on time.




Online Mediation is a Prudent Precaution Against the Spread of  COVID-19


As we all know, Online mediation helps protects you and all parties from possible exposure to the novel coronavirus:  

Even under normal circumstances, avoiding close contact with folks who are sneezing, coughing or running a fever is well advised.  However, following these precautions are more important now than ever given the emergence of the novel coronavirus causing a pandemic of illness.

With this illness, heightened vigilance is necessary as simply avoiding those who are sick and showing symptoms may not be enough to successfully avoid infection.  Researchers have discovered that asymptomatic individuals may be carriers of the the coronavirus and can pass it on to others without knowledge that they are affected whatsoever.

Experts recommend we all engage in social distancing.  These recommendations include that people stay at home as much as possible only leaving when necessary—for essential items such as groceries or medications. 

Additionally, it is recommended to avoid groups of ten or more people, not to shake hands with anyone, regular hand washing/ sanitizing, and when you encounter those who do not live within your household to maintain a six foot distance from each person.

We take these concerns seriously but realize that our lives, including our legal matters, need to continue.  Online mediation is a WIN-WIN solution. You can move forward with your legal matter AND stay safe while doing so.



Call or email today to schedule your online mediation.  832.699.1966 or email [email protected]

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