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Houston, Texas Mediators

We understand that individual cases should be solved in a manner that benefits you.  One approach to conflict resolution is mediation.  We help clients regarding any mediation needs, including family, business or civil litigation, or any type of case that can benefit from alternative dispute resolution.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In this changing world of litigation, courts encourage alternate ways to solve disputes between litigants.  For instance mediation is a highly utilized form of alternative dispute resolution.  In ADR practice, parties aim to reach an agreement without the imposition of an expensive trial.  Instead of allowing a judge or jury decide your case, which may lead to decisions that work for neither party, you have the opportunity to work together and in open dialogue, discuss your situation and coming to a settlement that is approved by both parties.  Clients choose mediation because it allows them to avoid the costs and stress of the courtroom.

We offer half-day and full-day mediation sessions.  We provide wireless internet service, refreshments and materials for participants such as whiteboards and easels.  We can accommodate most special requests of the parties.  We aim to make your mediation process as comfortable and beneficial as possible.

Contact A Certified Mediator Today

We have experience in mediation, including advanced family law mediation, and can help you resolve your issues.  Contact our office today for a consultation and a discussion of your mediation options. Call today to ask about mediation options or to schedule a mediation date 832-699-1966.


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