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Houston Divorce Attorneys

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Divorce Solutions

At the law firm of Lori Elaine Laird in Houston, our divorce clients expect and receive reliable information, practical advice and aggressive representation at ever state of their case. To learn how you can benefit from our approach to client service, contact our office and discuss your situation with a seasoned family law attorney.

We understand the emotional nature of family matters and the priority of protecting what is important to you - your children and your property. Our firm will help you navigate through the complex legal process and steer you towards a resolution of difficult situations. Marital and family law matters often require extra attention. We understand the emotional aspect involved in dissolving marriages, child custody battles and property division. When you come to our firm for legal counsel you will receive an individualized action plan for your situation. Our Houston - Galveston family law firm has experience in all types of marital law and family law.

Practical Advice and Aggressive Advocacy in Divorce

We also assist our clients in understanding issues in the Texas Family Code—what it will give them and what it requires from them. This information helps people develop objectives for themselves, their children and their financial security. Our commitment to helping you achieve your objectives without unnecessary compromise is reflected in our work—close attention to detail, an aggressive approach to your problems and a record of success at trial.

There are seldom more important things in life than family. The day you retain an experienced Houston family lawyer is the day that you will not have to worry about the legal complex legal journey you face. Working with a lawyer who understands and who will listen is very important in family law. Our approach promotes creative thinking and finding new ways to achieve better results.

The more you have at stake in your divorce, the more will benefit from counsel of an attorney who's prepared to back up a sensible negotiating position with solid courtroom muscle. When facing a dissolution of your marriage, there are a number of additional matters you must address and resolve. Whatever your particular situation may be, our legal team is here to guide you through the divorce process and any other family matters you face. To learn more about just how much we can do for you, explore the service areas on our website or call our office for a confidential consultation. Our services are individualized to fit the needs of your specific case.

While we don't push our clients into court every time both spouses cannot agree on particular issues, we know how to use litigation leverage as a way to apply and increase the pressure towards a favorable resolution. Our reputation as effective trial advocates can even help you keep your case out of court.

Our Firm Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

In addition to protecting your interests in court, our clients benefit from our clarification of your rights and responsibilities under the Texas Family Code. It's easier to make sound decisions for yourself and your children once you understand what the law requires and facts that judges may evaluate in your case. Therefore, we work closely with each client to complete a thorough investigation including gathering facts about various child related and property related issues, such as:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Visitation
  • Temporary custody, support and residence orders
  • Restraining or protective orders
  • Spousal support
  • Disclosure of income and assets
  • Division of community property
  • Property characterization - is an asset separate or community property?
  • Business valuation
  • High asset or high net worth issues
  • Evaluation of prenuptial or postnuptial agreements

An important strength of our divorce practice lies in our ability to work effectively with clients who anticipate a high degree of conflict on property division or child custody issues. As we help you define your objectives, we also develop the strategies that are most likely to achieve them through negotiation, mediation or trial. We can certainly help you resolve less contentious issues as well. If both parties agree to the terms of a proposed order we can facilitate and quickly help you resolve your issues.

Call 832-699-1966 for advice in Houston, Clear Lake or Galveston. To learn more about how you can benefit from our practical approach to difficult divorce problems and our record of success in family court, contact our office or submit a case evaluation request to have an attorney contact you.

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