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Houston Civil Litigation Attorneys

Houston Civil Litigation Attorneys

The greater Houston area law firm of Lori Elaine Laird provides extraordinary representation to clients throughout Texas in a expansive variety of civil litigation matters, including commercial and business litigation, contract litigation, healthcare and physician litigation, probate, trust and estate litigation, personal injury and wrongful death claims, products liability cases, aviation and maritime litigation. Please visit practice areas overview for additional information regarding the range of our professional services.

Our firm philosophy of developing individualized action plans for our each legal matter have obtained optimal results for our clients through the use of innovative trial strategies and zealous advocacy in the courtroom. We are firm believers in intense, comprehensive preparation for every trial, working to present the strongest possible case by utilizing persuasive and creative litigation tactics. We utilize technology in the courtroom to educate judges and juries in new and innovative ways.

Civil Litigation from both the Plaintiff and Defense Side

Our firm's practice reaches virtually all areas of civil litigation. Our attorneys are equally comfortable on both the plaintiff and defense sides of the docket, involved in tort, contract, and appellate matters. Our law firm's attorneys are experienced litigators committed to achieving successful results for our clients. We represent clients in matters pending before Texas state, federal trial and appellate courts in all aspects of civil litigation issues. We are adept in handling contentious matters for our clients and have substantial experience in jury and non-jury trials.

Full Service Civil Litigation and Appeals Firm

Our Legal Services include a multitude of litigation matters, including but not limited to:

  • Divorce and Family Law Issues

  • Texas Business Law and Transactions

  • Real Estate

  • Wills/Probate

  • Personal Injury

  • DWI, Criminal Law and Criminal Appeals

  • Social Security Income / Disability Law

  • Corporations and Partnerships

  • Estate Planning

  • General Litigation and Civil Appeals


The Law Office of Lori Elaine Laird has represented a wide range of people and businesses in many types of business, civil and commercial disputes.  Firm clients and defendants have included corporations, both foreign and domestic, small companies, partnerships, unincorporated businesses, churches, doctors, engineers, and lawyers. Our law firm handles both personal and corporate legal matters. The attorneys have been involved in successful settlements and litigation encompassing almost every area of Texas law. Although we primarily serve the Harris, Galveston, Fort Bend, Chambers and Brazoria Counties we are equipped to handle cases all over the state of Texas, and have successfully done so in many Texas cities including Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and others.

Contact us today for a confidential consultation at 832-699-1966. Or complete a client contact form to have one of our attorneys contact you.

Our firm is trusted by physicians, lawyers, engineers and other professionals. We have represented lawyer versus lawyer and doctor versus doctor.  We handle high stake, high asset and high profile cases as well as servicing those whose disputes may not have a high dollar value but have a high emotional value to their personal lives. Regardless of the dollar amount at stake- we handle each case with personal care and attention because we always realize - this is your life!

When you are involved in complex litigation, it is easy to get wrapped up in the emotional aspects of your case and hard to focus on your business and your life.  Once you hand over management of your case to us, you will experience relief as you can depend on us to stand guard over your financial and intellectual property protection for yourself and your business.

Call us today at 832-699-1966 to get started creating a complete financial and asset protection plan.

You can work to safeguard your business, your family and your assets by working with a insightful attorney. We work to provide you the best legal representation.

You will see the difference our dedicated legal staff can make for you today. Call us at 832-699-1966.

Every situation is unique, which is why our motto is to develop individualized action plans for each client. Our diligent legal staff works for you and your unique situation.

Get the aggressive, dedicated, zealous advocacy your situation requires to prevail.

From your FREE confidential consultation to the final action, settlement, or verdict, you can always count on our commitment to keeping you involved in your case and keeping open lines of communication.  We believe it is important that you stay informed throughout the entire legal process.

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