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Amazing Lawyer

Amazing Lawyer

I recommend Lori Laird. I hired Lori 1-3 years ago. Lori handled my Criminal Defense matter. I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers. I was arrested for a felony DWI. This was a very difficult case as I had recently started taking some new prescription medication. The District attorney would not budge on the charges. Lori had to set this case for trial. She prepared better than any television attorney I have every seen. As the jury as being brought in the district attorney looked at Lori's table covered with files and books and said, "geez, you are really prepared for this trial, aren't you?" Lori looked up and smiled and said, "bring it on." The DA walked away and before the jury sat down the district attorney dismissed the case. She is simply awesome.
– Beth (in 2011)

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